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Why Critics Have ‘No Case’ Hating On ‘Wish Me Well’ by Kuami Eugene

What you feed on as a creative person is very important. Because consciously or unconsciously it may influence your creating process. The significance of any body of work can be measured by the impact that it had on a person, society or a whole generation.

When an artiste puts out any creative piece, it is a gift to the world. One of the reasons for sharing it, may be to make a positive impact, spark a whole new conversation about a topic or shine light on an issue. With hope of others being inspired.

‘I’m out for presidents to represent me (say what?)’


A hot line by Nas. And Jay Z made it a hot song. One served as an inspiration for the other. Did it take anything away from Jay Z, as an artiste?

Kuami Eugene, undoubtedly a very talented guy who has passion for music. One can argue that the success of ‘Angela’ took him by surprise. And the pressure to outdo himself set in for the young man.

It is more fulfilling for any artiste to have a significant influence on fellow artistes.
If he did not do a great job with the bit he had from Ice Prince, do you think Ice Prince would have jumped on the remix?

Kuami Eugene is doing great as a new act, and we can only wish him well to do more. Who knows his melodies, verses or lines may also inspire a song sometime to come.

Plagiarism is a big deal. Make no mistake and take anybody’s work for granted. When you sample, try as much as possible to reach out to the source for approval to save your project and career from a lawsuit.

Just in case you are new to Kuami Eugene and the song making all the waves.

Check out the remix with Big Daddy Ice, Ice Prince of Nigeria himself

Kuami Eugene Feat Ice Prince — Wish You Well (Remix) [Download]


Kuami Eugene – Wish Me Well (Official Music Video)

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