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VIDEO #REVIEW: ME NE WOA by M.anifest ft. King Promise

After the release of the song, ‘ME Ne Woa’ by our godMc M.anifest which features one of the male vocal ‘new lords’, King Promise. The music video for the song was very much anticipated, which for the love of the music and the fans, the two pull it off in a much detailed motion picture.

Music presents a feeling and just like any other feeling its abstract. One reason it is very important to add visuals or shoot a music video for a song is to help us understand your idea of expression in a motion picture. Music videos can never be underrated.

Your number one reviewing and rating brand and platform, 5micsGh presents to you our review of ‘Me Ne Woa’ by M.anifest which features King Promise.



At the tail end of the video, we got this gist from ‘The Love Doctor’

‘Don’t Be Upset. In The Things That I Do.

Don’t Be Upset

Be Patient

Cause its you and I (Me Ne Woa)’

Obviously a thread, around which the whole song was weaved. From King Promise, narrating, how the hustle sometimes keeps him away from his lover. To missing her calls, but deep down he knows all that he is doing, which may not seem right to his lover now, is for their greater good tomorrow.

Manifest also paints his picture, as the tour guy, back home and needs directions to his lady. For a moment or two as lovers, to present his side of the bargain against all she may be thinking right or wrong.

The similes, metaphors, word play and all the literacy devices employed by both artistes to drive home their message is very commendable.



On a love song with a ‘ladies guy’ like King Promise, all would have loved him do more than just the hook.

Obviously, this is one of King’s best vocal delivery. He challenged himself on a different rhythm and he did justice to it.

For M.anifest we know this is his normal play, but another great piece with another amazing creative perspective.




The video, opens and details much at the beach. With one lonely lady taking a stroll and looking forward to her lover returning from overseas to come to her. And the lover on the other side of the coast, equally missing his lady and rapping from some past memories.

The shot of the tour guy, back home with his briefcase, walking his way to meet his lover. The chit chat, the different emotions highlights the core message of the song. The shots and scenes that vividly depict lines from the song, are well edited to add it’s our flavours to the flow of the motion picture.

The video is set in time and place that is very Ghanaian. The indigenous shots and scenes, our local beach, the costume and accessories definition are quite typical in most visual works of Ma.nifest.



Overall this is a beautiful video. M.anifest has really come far with his videos. From ‘Suffer’ which is his first music video I ever watched, to some other very themed visual presentations of his songs and the most recent one that won an award before being released to the public, ‘Simple Love’.

This is a great video, overall the production quality is on a level. But had some scenes a bit blurred and not sharp. Which kind of unbalanced the progression of the video.

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