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This Is What Every Musician Must Do Amid COVID-19

The temporary lockdown in some parts of Ghana and the total lockdown in some parts of the world. Have really altered a number of businesses and life in general.

With gigs canceled, tour buses parked and concert halls shutdown, the development is affecting musicians and the many accompanying staff in the music industry.

As an antidote to Coronavirus also known as CODID-19, is not found yet, there is the need to find an alternative to entertain the numerous disappointed and isolating fans worldwide. And the only way out is by going digital.

Many brands and musicians have partnered and started streaming live performances and virtual concerts with ‘At Home With Tidal’ set to bring live performances and education against the pandemic to their massive fans in their homes. Musicians and brands in Ghana must start planning and working on how to go digital as well.

The business aspect of it is not far-fetched as you can monetize your performances on online platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. With access to smartphones, iPads and laptops among other consumer-level products, the basic infrastructure for live streaming are almost available in every home.

True and impossible to disagree with, everyone is home now. And Coronavirus must not stop you from performing and entertaining your fans. Take advantage of this situation, make ‘online’ your ‘concert venues’, set a date and entertain the fans.

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