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The Untold Truth From Akosua Agyapong’s Interview On Hitz Fm

It is quite interesting how such a valid and much needed truth from a
veteran like Akosua Agyapong was reduced to ‘hate’ by some pundits over the

If it was the excerpt played on the show that influenced their submissions
on the topic. Then most pundits need to be briefed well ahead of time to save
us such ‘shady’ submissions on live television.  

Yes, it’s showbiz. Yes, we all know all the other elements that sell
alongside in this business. But first and foremost, it’s music before the
business. So if you don’t have the music, why worry us with some sideline
stuffs. First, make great music and figure out how to put together the rest of
the puzzle later.

From her experience, a decade or two from now. It is the music that would
make the headlines. Not your looks and definitely not your hype. So why focus
too much on the looks and hype and settle for ‘fast food’ music that would die
out in months. Instead of working together with your management on building a
brand that would stand the test of time. By writing and recording great songs,
captivating live performances, getting a publicist to coordinate affairs,
breaking into new markets, going on tour and more.

That was her point, that most managers are looking for the easiest way to
break an artist. Any manager who goes by the ‘show skin’ strategy only, may not
be in for the long run. He or she wants to make you the ‘hot thing’ for the
moment, milk all he or she can milk from your demand and leave you.



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