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Spibes – Judgementalist


I don’t have the best voice but fam adey sing. I don’t understand why God puts so many great music in my heart and gives me a below average voice, well by worldly standards. Maybe my voice actually dey pap. I am a journey man, I rap too, been doing that for a long time.
I rap about lust, mostly, well that is my struggle and that is my call.
How do you think the spirit of Lust looks like? I have seen her, I actually touched her. It was sort of a deliverance thing, she is really scared of prayers.
I listen to my music about 86 times in a day. Mostly because I need the message, I like the vibe and I am looking to be better in my next recording.

I want to introduce you to something my eyes were opened to recently, SPIBES! It means spiritual vibes. You see music is very spiritual and the happy feeling in your chest when we listen to our favorite song, I believe is the music communicating with our soul. The music sticks with us, the rhythm repeats in our minds and we want to do the things the lyrics say.
There have been too many times, I have felt some really shegee feelings because of the music I listened to. I like old high life, Post Malone, Akan and a little bit of Lauren Daigle. It is very difficult to find music I love, my taste is really outrageous and honestly I have no idea what I am looking.
Maybe the music I am looking for is in my heart. My heart knows it, my soul yearns it, but I just can’t seem to find the character to get it. I mean I am so distracted I can’t hear the spirit jam to really cool music right in my heart.
My favorite song is Morning star which I am yet to record, I heard it so loud one time during a prayer meeting where a friend of mine called Li had a sermon about the morning star. Honestly, I don’t remember what he said, I don’t think I listened, but when we started praying, my heart was burdened as to my inability to listen to the word of God and being distracted by the things of the world. I totally opened my heart and all I could hear was, ‘ HE IS MY MORNING STAR, AND HE WILL BE SHINING RIGHT IN MY HEART.

Fortunately and unfortunately for me, I have been spending a lot of time in a village these days. It gives me a lot of alone time. And that kinda makes me spend more time with God in prayer and in music. I know, very disturbing. But the more disturbing point is that when I don’t spend time with God I find myself doing some really shegee things. And it crazy, because I do these shegee things and then I go to God in prayer and he gives me a song about what I just did. I KNOW!!!

Eli Sabblah recently told me to be consistent (it was to a group of people but I took it personal) and I pray I will. Oh I will. I don’t want to keep hurting God, and I don’t want the lyrics of the songs I am blessed with to be always about all the bad stuff I did, but frankly speaking this is where I am at, and I am taking the journey with these songs, spiritual vibes!

In the next couple of weeks of I will be releasing them and the first to start this journey is JUDGEMENTALIST.

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