What is that one thing that mostly occupies your mind and how best do you deal with it. If it is money that you are obsessed with then you are not alone in that state of mind. Day in and day out, people do different things for money. The question is, what is money to you and how bad do you need it? For some, money is power. And to others, it is the ‘true’ medicine that heals all and everything.

‘Me Sika Aduro’, record produced by Yung Fly, off the debut album of AKAN, titled ONIPA AKOMA. The song was came out a couple of months back but recently had its accompanying motion picture released. The video compliments the song easily. Well directed, shot and edited to provide a window into the theme of the song.

5micsGh, the only reviewing and rating platform and brand in Ghana, presents a review of the song. With highlights on the theme, thoughts and motives that went into the record and a spot on AKAN, as an artiste.

AKAN, Musician.


The layers of truth to this record is quite evident in its raw and pure form of presentation. The storytelling, the flow and delivery on a Yung Fly production brings to bare the truly nature of AKAN’s artistry. The characters presented in the song and their level of money obsession runs through the verses and halts at the chorus. Which highlights the level of depression among people that have it and people that wish to have it.

People’s obsession with money is never overrated. And AKAN on this record vividly takes us through different phases and streams of thought of what money is to different people, why they need it, what they want to do with the money and how much of the money will be enough for them in their life of paper chase.

Human nature is insatiable and same applies when the issue of money comes up. How much of the money that you seek will truly be enough for you? If money is all you want, you can’t have enough.

Enough money is relative. Do your best and be content with what you will be able to achieve at the end of the day, for we won’t be here for long. Make it a point not to drown yourself in sorrow and poverty. The same God that created us, has given you what it takes to earn a living on earth.


AKAN, one of the best lyricist of the new generation. One that has chosen his lane in this rap game and consciously building from the ground up. His thoughts come at you in diverse ways on a record and on ‘Me Sika Aduro’ is no exception.

Gradually we are getting to know your name and accepting your craft. But all of us want to hear and appreciate you like anyone who understands the ‘Akan’ language would. Word on the street is not for you to dilute your content or sellout your genuine approach, but to give us more than flow, delivery and great production to hold on to, if we can’t fully understand the language. For the record language is never a barrier, keep it true and pure.

Before you watch the video to get the visual interpretation of the song. A big congrats to AKAN, Yaw Skyface and the team on each side for giving this record a treat in motion picture.

Watch the video here, AKAN -Me Sika Aduro (Official Video)

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