When songs like B4Bonah’s ‘Devil Is A Liar’, come up. The conversations switch, not because of the hype or the artistes featured. Because we don’t get such truth and honesty in our songs every now and then. Enough of the ‘fast food music’, enough of the bragging, enough of ladies exposing their ‘asset’s and making music to seduce the world about nothing!

5micsGh, the only reviewing and rating platform and brand in Ghana, presents, ‘Your Believe Is Your Truth‘, our review of B4Bonah’s Devil Is A Liar (remix), which features M.anifest. In this review, we will look at the theme, thoughts and motives that influenced the content and some lyrics from the song and peg them against our daily challenges.

A big thank you to the fans, especially on twitter for supporting the record and conspiring for the remix. And to the godMc, M.anifest for coming through with that much needed perspective on the theme of the song.


B4Bonah ft Manifest – Devil Is A Liar (Prod. by Webbie) [Download]

I have no idea how the song was made. Whether the making of the record was a ‘chicken and egg’ situation. It is very evident that both sides played out well. The sound production gave a strong foundation, upon which the theme of the song was built. The texture of the song is raw and unapologetic, coming face to face with the harsh truth. Webbie, the producer, deserves some accolades for his work on this record.


Coming in to lament his story from a young man’s perceptive, B4Bonah painted it clear for all to see. The repetition, is to get the message down to you well. The persona is telling you what the devil can do. Such as, he can take away your ‘car keys’, which could mean your progress. Starve you of basic needs like ‘koko’. Mismanage your finances and more

The build up is just beautiful, where the persona admits that, yes all these things are true. But he as an individual, doesn’t allow such negativity to hinder his progress. Honestly i don’t think we need a prophet or a writing in the sky to know the times that we are in. Why the good is punished and the bad rewarded? Why so much evil deeds around and no one seems to be on the side of the truth?


Could it be because ‘ we love superstition as much as religion’ as argued by M.anifest in his verse on the song. So we are mostly caught in between two worlds. And in our confusion is when the devil comes to present his case to pollute our thoughts. Which then influences our decisions. And at the end of the day ruin our lives.


The message is simple, The Devil Is A Liar, don’t entertain him or his ideas. Don’t be idle, he will find work for you. Don’t wish your next brother evil, he will feed on that. Make moves, keep the focus, be positive and always be mindful of his deeds and stay far away.

Speak your truth and your truth shall set you free. What you believe in have an effect on your life. If you believe in your creator, believe in yourself and always keep a clean heart. That will be your truth and your truth shall set you free.



It’s hot ‘singles’ market now, and we all know records with such contents do not fly like the others. B4Bonah, do what is real to you and put out music that you feel is true to you. Don’t follow the crowd.

Word on the street about the video of the song has to do with the shooting in South Africa. When you watch the video closely, until someone tells you it was shot in South Africa, a coded location in Ghana is what you will have in mind. Mainly because this could have been done here, easily. Was it the location, the production team or cast?



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