After Sarkodie’s splendid performance on the night of Ghana’s biggest music awards show, Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. Everyone kept asking and anticipating the release of the song that he opened his performance with. Aside the fact that it was debut on the night, it presented real life situations and perspectives that all can relate to in different ways.

Brighter Day, the record by Sarkodie, which features Obrafour and produced by JMJ, was released recently and all had the chance to listen to it properly. 5micsGh, the only reviewing and rating platform and brand in Ghana, presents a review of the song. With highlights on the theme, how we can all relate to it and a little brief on Sarkodie and Obrafour collaborations.

One beautiful piece of inspiration, if you ask me. One that speaks to the soul, reminds us of the little things that we take for granted on a daily basis. The brighter day is a metaphor in reference to our breakthrough moments.  And also a reminder of the fact that we are humans and by default we would be faced with some challenges and difficulties in life. But that should not be enough grounds to give up on God.


To the one that has tried every means possible to make it in life and yet nothing is working. Giving up will not make you win. All the dots will connect soon and you will see the bigger picture. Your brighter day is just a mile away. Don’t give up.

To the one that, needs someone to look up to in life. If you know Sarkodie and you know his story, what other motivation do you need. The same God that did it for him is saying keep the faith and push through I will make a way. Just hold on for your brighter day is coming.

To all of us who make God look like the worst person in our lives, for some simple material things. To the men of God who belittle God’s blessings to some few material things. Our God is a faithful one, he knows all that we are going through and at the right time he will make a way. Let’s focus on the bigger picture and repent for our brighter day is ahead.


A Sarkodie and Obrafour collaboration on such a theme is not something new. We have had a couple before, yet each new one that comes through, presents a type of energy and wave that we can all relate to on a different level. Notwithstanding, we may not be very interested in another one. This should probably be the last of such, otherwise it will sound or look so cliché. You can switch sides and have Obrafour do the verses and Sarkodie on the hook, on a new concept. That would be a bit freshening.

With rap verses like these from the King, really make you miss his early days in the game when it was all raw fire and hunger to inspire and make music. In his present stage of having to deal with keeping it real and doing some numbers, you can’t hold much against him for some of his diluted contents and some low blows.


From a production point of view, it really complimented the song in theme and feel. Many expected the same choral vocals and effects that the song debut with, but all the same, great work

King Sarkodie, Legendary Obrafour and amazing producer JMJ, thank you for this classic record.


Just in case you have not heard the song yet, get it here.


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