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Should Musicians Find A Day Job To Support Their Career?

Showbiz is about the show and the business. But unfortunately in our part of the world, we tend to focus more on the show and leave the business to take care of itself. But the hard truth is that, the business won’t take care of you if you don’t take care of your business

The music industry in Ghana is not like it used to be a decade or two ago. We are gradually catching up though at a very slow pace. We still face the same infrastructural deficit, non-payments of royalties and many more.

The best thing that has happened to the music industry in the last few years is technology. Technology has presented numerous ways of earning income from your craft aside from being on stage to perform. And that is the business of the artist and his team to do their research and find out platforms and services that will best serve their interest.

As an artist, your job is to make music. If you happen to be good at other areas of the music business that’s a plus. So far as it doesn’t distract your output.  

Building a brand takes money and many investors are shunning away from the musical talents, due to several reasons. So the question is, should the musician find a day job to support his or her career from time to time or continue betting on investors to help them realize their musical dream.

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