For many, Joe Budden endeared himself during his brief but memorable stint as one of Everyday Struggle’s inaugural hosts. Paired with DJ Akademiks, Joe’s brash and hilarious personality made for some iconic moments. Unfortunately, the cheque failed to be cut, and Budden and Everyday Struggle ultimately parted ways. A while back, rumors swirled that Budden would be joining forces with Diddy‘s REVOLT TV, with some reports indicating that a massive paycheck was coming Joey’s way. While those rumors never officially materialized into something concrete, Billboard has reported that the union has indeed been made public.

“Finally, Joe Budden is officially part of the REVOLT family,” says Diddy, in a statement.  “Joe has an authentic approach and he’s never afraid to speak the truth. His many talents deserve a platform that pushes the culture forward and we are excited to produce next-level content with him.” As it happens, Budden will be joining REVOLT as the host and producer of a new show called State Of The Culture; according to this report, the show will premiere later this summer.

Budden has also responded to the news, stating ““It was important to partner with a company that recognizes the growing need for our voices and ideas to stream freely without interruption. That was a much prettier way to say, we bout to be with the shits. “Thank you to my business partner Ian Schwartzman and REVOLT for the opportunity to highlight my brutal honesty, passion and integrity.  I love REVOLTING!! Together, we will continue to take this thing to heights unseen.”

For those actively seeking more Budden, expect his upcoming endeavor to feature “raw, unfiltered, and informative debates and interviews where Budden digs deep with prominent celebrities, artists and personalities.”