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If It Isn’t Love, Then It’s Not Music

Music is love, so it is only right for you to love the music that you make. By all standards it is safer to get high on your own supply when it comes to your music. In one Rick Rubin interview with Kendrick Lamar during his ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ days, he said ‘people connect to your songs due to your connection to the song’. Which means your initial connection to the music that you make can equally draw others in as well.

If you love your music, you will make it right. If you love her, you will stop at nothing to make sure the world hears about your newly found passion. Don’t be like most people in a relationship who want to eat and have their cake. Because it doesn’t work like that.

Music means different things to different people. To some it is that escape from harsh reality and for some it is just that comfort zone where everything connects and finally makes sense. It takes deep personal reflections to pen your experiences and emotions in a song.

Just like any relationship, you have to spend time on your craft. In this season of love, listen and take notes of all the elements that people will credit for the success of their relationship and apply the virtues to your relationship with your music career.

If you love her, you will make time. If you love her you will care.

As love is very much heighten and it is so hard not to catch it in the air. Have a moment with yourself about your career in terms of how bad you want it as compared to how much you are afraid of it. And always remember if it’s not love then it’s not music.

Happy Valentine’s Day, in Ghana we say Chocolate Day.

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