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How smart phones have merged fashion and entertainment

Not only have our smartphones become and essential piece of kit, but these portable-computers have also become the essential piece of fashion that you should not be seen without, and many top named designers like Gucci and Louis Vuitton have produced cases to protect those much-loved smartphones with style that is hard to beat.

Sure, handbags and shoes are still a must have item but no fashion-conscious aficionado would be seen out without their phone ‘dressed’ appropriately. This has led to some cases costing far more than the phones with some commanding extraordinary price tags as they are encrusted with diamonds and made from gold.

In fact, our mobile devices have become so important to us that smartphone addiction is being blamed for some relationship break-ups. ‘Phone snubbing’ or phubbing’ is said to account for increasing numbers of couples calling it a day especially as one of the two prefers to be on their social media sites or chatting with friends half a world away instead of staying in the real world and paying attention to their significant other.

Statistics show that we have become so attached to our mobiles that to have it lost or even stolen can lead to a form of depression, a high percentage of people said that if they leave their phones at home by mistake they cannot settle with some saying that they would pay for a taxi to take them home to pick up their smartphones.

It is a simple fact that many of us feel as if our phones are an extension of ourselves as we can personalise them to our own taste. For instance, I love to play at the best bingo sites where I catch up with friends whilst enjoying a laugh and some great games action. The beauty of such sites is that I can catch my games at any time and from anywhere I choose so they fit in well with my busy life, and if I don’t manage to catch a game there is no problem as they can be played for me automatically meaning that I won’t miss out at all.

Convenience is the name of the game so it’s no wonder that many of us rely on our mobile phones for so many things from banking to browsing for good and services online, reading, weather checks and of course for checking our emails as well as watching videos and listening to our music.

Both fashionable and entertaining, no wonder we love our mobile phones.

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