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How Much is Apple’s $1 Trillion? Watch the Breakdown

The ubiquitous fruit that symbolizes technological innovation like we’ve never seen before has made history once again. Yesterday, (August 2) Apple became the United State’s first company worth $1 trillion dollars. Many of us have never seen and may never see one trillion dollars in person. When braggadocious individuals boast about their cash flow, they have no idea what how much $1 trillion is. Let me break it down for you.

Tesla has become a very popular car in Hip-Hop culture,  thanks to Drake and Future. On the rapper’s collaborative mixtape, What A Time to Be Alive, the superstar duo named the intro track after the car’s one of a kind, digital dashboard. A Tesla model S can be purchased for $68,000, while a model X goes for about $82,500. At its current value, Apple can purchase over fourteen million (14,705,882) Tesla S models for their employees for Christmas gifs. If they want to upgrade, they can purchase over twelve million model Xs (12,121,212) for their employees.

According to Apple Inc. the company employed 123,000 people in 2017. Although this would never happen, the company can pay each employee over $8 million. Talk about the retirement fund and pension of a lifetime.

This feat was a huge milestone for Apple’s success in the world of tech, but Tim Cook, thinks otherwise. The Apple CEO sent a memo to the company’s employees upon achieving the feat.

“Financial returns are simple the result of Apple’s innovation, putting our products an customers first, and always trying true to our values,” Cook wrote.

“Steve founded Apple on the belief that the power of human creativity can solve even the biggest challenges.” Cook is certainly right on this aspect. Their commitment to improving the user experience time and time again is a testament to their innovation. As a result, their net profit is continued through the roof.


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