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Guru, This Is Why Over Saturating The Market Can Cost Your Career

Per the G.O.O.D Music album release marathon’s tracklist, Ghanaian multiple
award-winning artist, Guru is giving us four albums in one month. Yes, a song
day and let’s say an album every week, from the same artist.

The rollout has been going on as scheduled and publicized and since we are
still in February guess there are a lot more to drop as planned. Probably you
as a fan can help us with the following questions. Are the songs really
sticking? Or you are just skipping them?

Is this the best marketing or promotional plan his team could come up with?
What really influenced this decision. You starved your fan base for a while and
now you want to bore them on a daily basis for a month?

This is why saturating the market is bad. As a brand, your value is in your
scarcity as well. The more you saturate the market with your music, the more
the demand for your music goes down. It’s economics and the rule of demand and
supply safely applies in showbiz. After 28 days of music, what happens next?
Sit back and wait for the songs that would stick around and then you shoot a
music video to promote them? A Shatta Wale rebranded approach?

Imagine if Gold or any precious stone was not only easy to come by but also
abundantly available. Who really will ‘kill’ for any.

The plan is also in motion, so we can only sit back and let it take its
course as planned. But our caution to all artists not just Guru, is do not to risk your
brand for relevance in any way. Bad promotional or marketing plan can cost your

5micsGh is always opened to assist artists with their branding, promotional
and marketing campaigns to achieve relevance and success through creative ways that
won’t stain or cost their brand.


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