How do we get a different result from the same old ways? Maybe it is time we try new routes to the same path. For some, online promotions are all about just being uploaded only to be downloaded. One thing that is really holding most underground acts and some known musicians back is how rigid and crude their promotion strategy is, hence they deny themselves of reaching a new market.

When you google the name of an artiste; first, his songs come up and the rest are all rumours that blogs are selling about the artiste. Some are nicely put together to get the artiste some attention online for a project. The media is quick on selling sensation and for a long time, the masses have bought into that as the only content to feed on. And promotion of content online has always been about downloads; we just promote it to the people, they download it and they ‘sleep’ on it.


Some of our artistes are very creative, deep and very diverse with their approach to the craft. Sometimes they feel people will not appreciate their depth and perspective so they water it down. This is because, no one takes the pain to write reviews. No one takes the pain to break a project down to appreciate the thought and creative process, digest the lyrics and painted a whole new picture from the artiste’s point of view. And sometimes even draw the artiste’s attention to other areas that his or her art could apply. The act of reviewing songs, videos, albums, movies, events and others as part of a promotional plan have really been relegated to the background in our part of the world.


There are countless ways of getting contents across to the fans aside the traditional promotion methods. For the purposes of this article, lets focus on promotional reviews.

When an established brand, a couple of known faces as well as some recognized voices, put out a word or two about a content concerning how they feel about it, it adds to the promotional run.

Reviewing a project before it comes out, creates the suspense and wets people’s appetite for it. Which makes it highly anticipated, with some peculiar details well engraved in the minds of your audience. When you review it immediately it comes out, it puts the official stamp on it. Because the file is in the public domain and everyone has his or her opinion about it. One review may not necessarily be the ultimate touch, but a lot can relate and understand your perspective. When you do it a couple of weeks or months after the release, it mostly brings to light some depths and layers that may not have being touched on and shines light on it. Which obviously refreshes the mind and makes us pay attention once more to the project.

Irrespective of when the review is done, its importance can never be underrated. The beauty of the art lies in the norm that it challenges and the fresh thoughts that it presents. As an artiste, create the best art that you can, let us know what inspired it and leave the world to do the rest.



Let me share this with you, for your next project about to be released, challenge a fan, a blogger and an entertainment critic. Give them your content for a week to listen or watch after which they will submit their reviews to 5micsGh, which will be published on our platforms. What better way to promotion your content for three consecutive weeks with each review being released a week and allowing your fans to vote for the best review at the end of the run.

This is a 5micsGh initiative, to support the artiste with the promotion of their projects with reviews.

This is not to discredit the efforts of all that are in the promotional chains, this is just to open a new window in the same chain, that could yield a better response and feedback.


The only reviewing and rating brand in Ghana, 5micsGh, is one established brand that is reviving the culture. Whereas promotions will be about ‘get this’, a review will give you reasons to get it and a holistic point of view to appreciate.

If you would like to work with 5micsGh.com or have your contents reviewed, kindly send us an email; 5micsgh100@gmail.com or a WhatsApp to :0271857544

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