In other parts of the world, there are structures that support the song writers and other key players in the music industry. And from the support system that sees to the fact that each stakeholder is duly recognized and remunerated, a lot have had successful careers in their respective fields. One of our main problems has to do with the unavailable structure to support the full business of music publishing.

This new trend of everyone wants to be an artiste is costing us dearly and affecting every part of the industry. Song writers want to record and perform, producers want to do same, backup singers want to do same. In fact, everyone wants to go in for the main cake.

Unfortunately, we can’t blame all for going for the main spot, when we have relegated all the other stakeholders to the background and it is all about the artiste almost everyday. We have made it seemed like, apart from the artiste no one matters in this ecosystem. So people see being an artiste as the only way to be successful.


Most artistes feel shy to credit their song writers when they go for interviews, win awards or when they perform the songs. So most sing writers and music producers are ‘getting high on their own supplies’ which is not a good look for us. If a song writer or music producer wants to double up as an artiste, simply because he or she is equally talented that is a very laudable. But if the goal is to get ‘hot’ like the artiste that you write or produce for, then that is where the problem lies. My question is, why would you prefer a five-year short career as an artiste to a lifetime career as a producer or song writer?

It is not about the quantity, lets settle on quality. Let’s have few artistes with great team of business and road managers, song writers, producers, engineers, publicist and all, in order to put out great songs and get the acts on the pedestal that they deserve. Everyone’s role must be recognized and respected. No one is above anyone in any way.


Music is food for the soul, and this food must be cooked and served by the right people. Content in music can never be overrated. That is what grounds the artiste and everyone along that line. Not all will blow as artistes, fill the gap and be a mega song writer, producer, manager or any other field player. The goal is never to be popular but to bring something unique to the game.


Just as 5micsGh is shining light on it, the media must educate the public and diversify the attention to other key players in the industry. And the artiste must acknowledge his or her team and individual players rightly. Having a song writer and duly acknowledging the person will not ‘kill’ your career, but  rather open doors for more song writers to work with you.  And above all the structure must be in place, so that it won’t look like someone is doing another person a favour in this line of business.


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