Music is food for the soul. And this food must be cooked and served by the right people. As a musician, you can only bring your menu (body of work or albums) to the people and allow them to choose what they would like to have at a particular point in time. If you feed the people garbage, they will dispose you off easily and move on to the next chef in line. But if there is something about your ‘meal’ that wets their appetite all the time. You will forever be their best bet to get through a moment or a phase in their lives.

Different songs or musical projects resonate with different people for many reasons. The motive behind one going in for a favourite song or album may not be the same for the next person. And those favourite songs or albums that stick with you for a longtime are songs that hold a piece of you in the hook, the verses or somewhere in the song, that simply makes you want to hear it over and over again.

The reason your music must tell a story is because, regardless of whether it is your story or a story that you are telling from someone’s perspective, there are countless number of people out there that are equally going through what you are talking about or narrating in your music.

The ‘story’ in a music is simply the contents, thoughts or insights that your share with your listeners. The beauty of your storytelling skills lie in your ability as an artiste to musically craft and present an idea, bare the harsh nakedness of a situation in your music and have all enjoy it as good music. And also get the core theme behind the music out and above all for the people to appreciate your point of view.

For a third party to connect to your song, your connection to the theme or idea as an artiste is everything in the first place. Most songs devoid of ‘real’ emotions or insights do not stick. As an artiste or musician, it is your duty to speak for the masses, share in their wins and loses, and let your music have a positive impact on them.

The idea of what a classic song or album is, is mainly anchored on the feel and the relevance of the subject matter a couple of years from its release. All of us relate to our emotions in different ways. So keep your ‘stories’ as truthful and honest as possible and let the world tell their story with it.


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