In this era of internet, social media and also the traditional media. The attention span of many is very little. Torn between various radio and television stations, as well the numerous social media platforms. Each platform needs your attention first in order to sell a product or service to you.

We are in the information age; hence information is key. In the entertainment and creative industry, people are mostly interested in gossips, rumours, sensations and many others. Hence there is the rush to break news in most situations.

Let’s narrow it down to the artiste. Your image and perception in the public domain are very important, they indirectly inform other brand collaborations and your fans. Who are always listening to radio, watching television or on all social media platform to get the latest juicy news about their celebrities and artistes.

Most of these bloggers or media personalities do not write or report with malicious intentions, they are just ill-informed and most time to do not have any reliable source or person to confirm the information. The reason it is very important to have these rumours and gossips checked is because, some people only chance on the main publication and run with whatever information and may never see the retraction notice or rejoinder afterwards.

On the other hand, a media house or blogger comes across an information about an artiste and the media house or blogger know the publicist of the artiste. In such instance they will quickly contact the publicist and confirm the information. If the need be for correction it will be corrected before publishing the story.

The work of a publicist in this day and age is very crucial to the brand of the artiste.

When you sign a publicist, from time to time you can be updated on how your brand is fairing in each circle or market. And this same publicist per his or her media relations can slowly pitch your brand to new markets, organizations, labels and other platforms.

Focus on your craft, let your management get you the shows, deals, tours and all. Within the management or personally have a publicist, to properly document and publish each news worthy item along your journey. The publicist is your linguist; the bridge between the brand and the public.


Sign a publicist, who will tell your story from your point of view. And is also ready and available to, correct and counter the false publication about the artiste.

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