Arts is life and the beauty of it lies in how we create, appreciate and most importantly how it affects lives and Culture.

Poetry in Ghana has come a long way. With the Ghana Poetry Festival in its fifth year, ‘we have come far, but we still have far to go’.

A lot of people have contributed to the state of Poetry in Ghana now and a lot more are ready to help get it to the top. But if the same bottlenecks that hindered creatives in the past are not checked, the new generation can only do little.

The works of creatives are for the people. Which means it is very necessary for creatives to have multi platforms and avenues to get their works out to the masses. Publishing and promoting of creative works should not be a hustle after all the creator has gone through to get the work done.

Reading Rhymes on 5micsGh.com, an initiative by 5micsGh to basically profile and promote poetry works started not long ago and already catching up like wildfire.

This was inspired by need to give much attention to the art that has held us up in spirit. The art that has laid the foundation for other arts to manifest. And also to appreciate and celebrate the works and efforts of poets and spoken word artistes.

The vision and focus is simple, to bring to lights these poets and spoken word artistes, that have for years said and done much for the world with their gift.


On the other side of the coin, ‘Behind The Rhymes‘ is specially designed to put the spot light on these poets and spoken word artistes that you probably love and enjoy their works, yet know little about them.
Behind The Rhymes‘ is that window to aid you get to know your favorite poets and spoken word artistes, behind those rhymes you love.


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5micsGh Presents ‘READING RHYMES’ On 5micsGh Dot Com 


5micsGh.com is your one true hub of original contents in Ghana and beyond. Reading Rhymes is one original signature out already.

Mic Status; an artiste profiling feature, currently running as well to help artistes get the much needed promotion and publicity through this specially put together project. It has featured many artistes and the impact on their careers is clear for all to attest.

Our reviews and featured articles every now and then call the shots and give new perspectives by challenging the norm and providing the blueprint to higher heights.

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