Culture holds the spirit of the people. Culture clears the path for all to follow, shines light on what needs to be done and must be done. Nothing influences culture more than the arts. And nothing holds the art more than commerce.

The issue of culture and commerce is very key when it comes to the arts. The arts play vital and numerous roles in our daily lives. It influences and relaxes us in diverse ways. The business aspect of the arts must not be compromised in other to sustain the arts.

When you recognize the purpose of your talent, it influences the path you choose with it. Music is spiritual but the music business is not. The music needs the business to survive. It costs money to produce music. Hence, it is only right to put measures in place to at least break even at the end of the run.

The artiste has his role, which is to make music and the record company or management company handles the promotion, marketing, distribution and many more. Both come together to execute the job perfectly. When you make music, you have made a product. And a product must be sold to earn revenue.

As an artiste, you have the right to make the kind of product you want. It is very important to know the ultimate goal for making the product. If it is for the money, fame, ladies and all other details along that line, make it known to yourself first. If you want to make music that tells your experiences, struggles and reality, keep it real with yourself first as well. Then you approach the game from your point of view. And keep in mind of the advantages and disadvantages of each path.

Your music will only resonate with the next person when it is true to you, first. Most people connect to songs for various reasons. Some may be due to the truth they find in the song, how it resonates with them, your personal connection to the song as the artiste, lyrics, delivery, overall production and many more. The right reason is solely your decision to make before you make the music.

When your reasons are clear and true to you, the relativeness of the success with mean much to you. In that, if you just wanted to tell a true story, shares experiences and at the end of the day, you get that genuine feedback from the fans about the impact of the song on their personal lives. That will mean much to you. And if it was all for the money, awards, fame and all, you will be the best person to know whether you made it or not.

Irrespective of your reason, which will influence the path you take. Just know other musicians have made it on their true path and only few have played both sides successfully

Manifest and Sarkodie are two distinctive figures in our Ghanaian picture. Take a look at their craft and draw some inspiration.

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