Social media is a very ‘tricky’ and ‘slippery’ place to be on lately. Opinions they say are like noses and on social media, someone’s nose finds its way into your ‘business’ by default, unfortunately.

The gaps which existed before in various aspects of our lives have been bridged by the internet and social media, which is a good thing. But the bad thing is how people abuse this opportunity given them to influence people and lives positively.

It is very important for us to acknowledge the fact that on this media, we have the same influence and it has nothing to do with the number of ‘following’ or social status. What is important is how we use this influence positively. The power lies in what you put out there and how you affect other people on the same platform positivity.

If you are an artiste, this is the new world. A world where you can grow your own fan base and buzz around your brand and craft. Reach out to your fans directly as an independent artiste. And the bigger the fan base, the bigger the opportunities available to you as an artiste. Hence the need to continuously grow your reach on social media especially is never underrated.

Not every follower is a fan unfortunately. In as much as you would like to have a bond with your fans, it is very vital to guide your interests. Your account is still your personal space. If someone invades your space with a negative vibe, find a way to deal with it. Don’t let all fly because you are an artiste or a celebrity. If you have the strength, ‘fight’ who you can ‘fight’ and block who you can block, because some bad nuts deliberately test you there.

The focus of this piece is on new talents, that take their first chances on social media. And how people use their influence negativity to ‘kill’ their spirits. People ‘audition’ online every day by posting their contents, hoping to get you; the judge, your support to move on, to the next stage of their journey. Anytime you come across such contents online.  Just know that you have the power to affect that person’s life and career in two ways, either negatively or positively.

There is nothing good in putting out bad energy, even when you think ‘it is funny’, just know it is not. For the simple fact that, it may get out of control, don’t start it.

Keep it positive, pass by with positive comment or a simple emoji to mean ‘thumbs up’, hit the like button, retweet it or share it on your platforms as well.

Social media is the biggest platform you can audition on for anything. You have no idea who might come across your post or content. Never give up, if that is the way you want to go. Never let the few black clouds ‘cloud’ your vision and direction.

For the record, people will always do what they like, and what they like may not always be what you may like, so just focus on the few bright spots and keep it going.

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