In the world of business your brand is one of your most valuable assets. It goes a long way to affect your business either negatively or positively depending on how well you manage it in the public’s eye. By far one of the soundest investments a company or an organization can make is to invest in its brand.

Narrowing it down to the individual acts that have built their brand or are building their brand, in the creative arts circle. It is important to invest in your brand simply because it is worth the resources.

Believe in yourself first. When you believe in yourself you will equally believe in your talent, ideas and your goals. Hence you will never second guess your brand and your worth.

To the upcoming musicians, actors or any player in the creative arts, think about our part of the world and the industry that we operate in for a second. How many major labels or entertainment companies do we have and how many of them debut acts a year under review.

When a record label signs any act, they have literally placed their bet on the signed act. They may win or lose. Every dollar or cedi given to a signed act by a label is an investment. Which you will pay back when you start to make earns meet in your career.

Not all may see the vision like you would in the beginning. Not all will be willing to embark on the journey from the beginning. That is why it is very important to make that move first and invest in your craft and brand.

Imagine a genius like Jay Z, could not get a record deal in the beginning. If record labels knew he would be one of the greatest, they would have signed him in the beginning. He knew his worth and started off by investing in his craft, brand and his own company. He bet on himself and when the profits started coming in, it was all his.

As an artiste, you must invest in the best of sound production, visuals for your contents and all other details that may influence your audience in your own small way. Pay for services and make the right business investments needed to catapult your brand to the next level.

Stay focused and pay your dues, at the right time your hustle will be rewarded or the much needed support would come your way. Let any investor or label know you are doing good on your own and together as a team you can do better and win more.

Always know, all you have is your brand and your brand speak volumes on your behalf. It is never a waste of money. It’s show business, what people perceive, what they see, what you show them go a long way to affect your brand and the business aspect of your art as well.


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