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Event Review; R.W.M.O.H – The Concert: The Debut Of A Prolific Showmanship

Following up on the release of his most recent project dubbed Running With Men On Horses,  most promising and fast-rising music act, Yung Pabi, took the next step to embody the project and unleash it on stage in acts and scenes of musical plots of unforgettable experiences. Enjoy our review of the just ended R.W.M.O.H concert held at Serallio, Osu under our theme, The Debut of A Prolific Showmanship.

R.W.M.O.H – The Concert

The vision was to present a theatrical interpretation of the metaphor behind the title of his project and leave the audience in awe. After a series of media run and massive online promotion, the concert took place as planned with lots of acts passing through to support. One thing that this concert highlighted was the growth in Yung Pabi’s artistry.

The Set

Two stages were mounted and each served a particular purpose in bringing the vision to light. With one facing the other with no automation, the audience was switched to and fro to catch performances as and when the stage light comes up on one. The man of the night Yung Pabi, debut on the main stage with a string of ‘horses’ dressed in all white demonstrating the success of his victory run despite the challenges and hurdles that came his way. 

The Live Experience 

The growth of every artist is most evident in his or her writing ability, the body of work and most importantly his stage performance. Before the promised experience was the regular Yung Pabi moments of hardcore rap which transitioned into back to back classic hits with interludes of performances from industry friends including Akan, Ayat, Pen and Paper, Magnom, Kwame Dame, LJ and many more. The live set was masterminded and executed brilliantly by the Senku Band

The Cantata 

The plots surrounding his birth, ushered us into ‘the cantata’ moments of the concert. With each play set to music from the EP. Which was well acted by the able supporting drama club of friends. The setting, costume and stagecraft was effortlessly done and effectively communicated the message of the songs

He promised us an experience and against the backdrop of live instrumentation from the Senku Band. Yung Pabi, delivered every rhyme and a verse live on stage. His energy and vocal delivery are very much commendable. 

Creative Direction and Path Of Yung Pabi

Before the concert, we all knew Yung Pabi as the songwriter and a rapper, with no clue of his organizing skills and directing abilities. It is not only refreshing but encouraging to see a young creative take on creativity in its entirety. I can only imagine the thoughts and research that went into this project and finally seeing its manifestation, I can say it was worth all the stress and inputs. This concert deserves all the publicity and tours it can get. And most importantly it is safe to say Yung Pabi has found his voice, path and niche in creative acts. And deserves all the support to sustain it.

The Downs and Loses 

Every event and its array of technical and organizational hiccups that comes with it. The concert wasn’t an exception as it started an hour late contrary to the time that was publicized due to sound setup. The stage settings took a little too long which delayed performances.

For everyone who missed out on this amazing showmanship, the losses are on your side of this balance sheet. You missed out on a total musical and theatrical moments. And the only way to make up for your loss is to catch the concert tour on a campus next to you or his next to be announced date.

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