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Dutch-Ghanaian Singer Ms. Aba Honors Culture With New EP

THE HAGUE – On Friday the 30th of October, Dutch-Ghanaian singer MS.ABA will be releasing her long-anticipated debut EP Rooted, an oath to her African heritage. An introduction to her Afro-centric soul sound with a message that takes its listeners back to her Ghanaian roots. The Rooted virtual concert, which will follow up, will be held at the renowned Paard music venue in The Hague on Thursday the 12th of November.

MS.ABA introduces Afrocentric soul, a fusion of West-African rhythms on a foundation of gospel sung in English, Pidgin English and Twi. Influenced by her Ghanaian heritage, she grew up drawing inspirations from musicians like Kojo Antwi, Koo Nimo, Sony Okunso and many more. This is recognisable in her sound.

As an artist, MS.ABA’s goal is to represent Africa wherever she goes. To fully display West-Afrocentric styles, MS.ABA showcases her Ghanaian culture in her music videos. ‘Thanks and Praise’, which is the EP’s first single is an oath to young women of colour who have struggled with their self-esteem. Rooted the EP is a compilation of songs that explores the different genres MS.ABA grew up listening to. Every song reflects the singer’s outlook on various aspects of life as she describes how her faith has increased her drive to stay rooted. Especially in these uncertain times.

As a true child of the soil, she has made it her international mission to showcase the influence of African art to the world by collaborating with African creatives to showcase her forthcoming videos.

The virtual concert on the 12th of November will be accessible to a limited audience, due to the regulations surrounding COVID-19. Tickets are available via Paard.nl.

Find out more about the singer via her official website.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thisisMSABA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ms.aba/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisisMSABA
Youtube: https://buff.ly/2E9FpFX

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