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Desiigner on How He’s Improved as an Artist: “I Learned About Vowels” “GRRRRAAAAAAA!”

Don’t laugh, Desiigner is dead serious.

In a new interview on TRL, veteran host Sway asked the neglected G.O.O.D. Music signee to describe the biggest difference between the music he was making at the very beginning of his career and his latest release, a surprise seven-track EP entitled L.O.D.

“I learned about vowels,” Desiigner told Sway. “And when I learned about vowels, it taught me the tip of, you know, knowing about A, E, I, O, U, sometimes Y, and knowing those are what stands out in our words.”

Desiigner reminding us about our vowels might seem like a silly explanation for why he believes he’s improved as an artist, but the Brooklyn native knows what he’s talking about.

“The A vowel is a main vowel. That is why [songs like] ‘Panda’ and ‘Gucci Gang’ is hits ’cause, even though everybody might say, like, ‘Gucci Gang’ only says ‘Gucci Gang,’ but your ears enjoy it because its hearing the A vowel ring off all day. And then the [letter] G make your head go like this [bobs head] and it make your head rock. Just hearing that it makes your body go crazy. It’s a science to it.”

Source: Dj Booth

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