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Dear Ghanaian Artists, Branding Is Not All About Doing Photo Shoot

The next time you decide to like an artist because of their brand, don’t just head straight to social media platforms to check and like their pictures. As a fan you might have listened to their music, watched their music videos, their stage performances and a few interviews of them. Clearly one of these or all might have brought you home to the artist as a fan. Something about the artist first resonated with you and triggered other interests as well which settled it all and you became a fan of the artist.

As an artist, what do you stand for? What is your music about? Your videos are visual interpretations of your music. What kind of concepts to do put across? When we put what we hear in your music and the visual feeds from your music videos, what informed opinion do we get about you as an artist right away?

By far that is your brand. Music is still an experience, so how you make the people feel about you is crucial when it comes to your brand.  

As an artist, you are a brand. Because you need to be positioned and marketed. Who do we market you to when we are not sure of what you stand for. Irrespective of your genre of music or your style, I can tell you for a fact, you are not for everybody. So find your market and narrow down. What you need to work on is your branding. So that market can identify with you, buy your music, tickets to your performances and then you can make a living off your craft.

Photo shoots are equally important but not the ultimate for the artist when it comes to branding. But it seems in Ghana that is the first thing if not all we think about when we think about branding. When you get the basics stated above right as a musician, everything will fall in line.

Your vision as an artist, will influence the kind of music you make, the visuals you put out, the cloths your wear, hence affect the concept of your photo shoot as well.

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