Every now and then various awards scheme pop up to recognize and appreciate the contributions of some people and stakeholders to the development of a particular industry. In order to encourage someone to go an extra mile, recognize and appreciate the mile that they have gone.

In Ghana, to some people what we call an industry is just some scattered bits and pieces with no cohesive approach or clear agenda.  For long all we have being crying for are some pillars to hold this industry.

In spite of all of these and more, we need to celebrate the mile that we have covered over the years in this same industry.

From its inception in 2000, the Ghana Music Awards has done its bit to recognize and appreciate musicians in Ghana for the work done. And its impact has grown over the years.

Nominations were opened and now closed, with just some few weeks to the official nomination list to be released by the board. We would like to touch on the brand from five different standpoints

Ladies and gentlemen, our biggest music night in Ghana and obviously one night that have defined the career path of many artistes in Ghana over the years, 5micsGh presents a brand review of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards


What do we call our music? Is it the one we have adopted, branded it as our own and now touring the world with, or only what we have been able to make that we call our music only?

To the Ghanaian artist, who is sings like a Nigerian especially, you are only pleasing yourself and promoting Nigeria. We want to go out there as Ghanaians that are selling Ghana music.

Our music needs to pick up its identity. Our music needs to pick up its elements. High life, Afro beats are ours. But those are not all we can do and must do. Hip hop has a market in our space, same as reggae, dancehall and many others. How best are we adding our own flavours to them to own them.

It is not all about whether it is yours or not. It is how best you are able to own it in your own way. Take the English language for instance. Different people have different accent effect on the same words. And it has made it unique.

How different do you in tend to make yours  from the one out there already. For us to go beyond boarders. It not all about what is yours, it is how best you do what you do with your own flavours.

Music from Ghana is crossing borders. As another musical year approaches, lets focus on the bits that make our music unique.



Knowledge is power. And sometimes the only way to get is by giving. Each music industry has its own peculiar problems it deals with. We operate in different sectors influenced by different cultures, believes and many more. The only way to break bounds is by learning from each other, sharing and networking.

In this fast growing technological era, it is very appropriate to position yourself as an individual brand or as an industry in order to be able to compete on a global scale. The rules of the game keep changing and every now and then people add new theories.

One of the things that is noteworthy about the VGMA, is the VGMA Music seminar that they run prior to the main night.

The business keeps changing. And what this seminar hopes to achieve is, to shine light on some of the key areas that every musician, manager or stakeholder should be abreast with, the year under review.

Organized by Charterhouse Ghana, in partnership with, headline sponsor for the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, the seminar is a very integral part of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Scheme, which happened last year and scheduled to take place this year as well.




The three that splits the hundred percent that make up for the winning artiste. The board, is from the organizers wing. The academy highlights the industry personalities, bodies and then the general public; the families, friends and fans

The issue of conflict of interest has being a significant feature of most awards show. Sometimes the academy wins, sometimes the board and sometimes the public

For an artiste to win in any of the VGMA categories, he should at least win from  two out of the three. For a long time, when it comes to matters of  an act not wining, the VGMA gets away with this popular line ‘did you vote?’.

if at the end of the day, you make it seem as if it was all about the votes and cover up on the percentages of the board and academy and how they also influence which artist wins what. Then you are not being fair to the poor families, fans and friends, that only know about the public voting.

This year, in order to make your argument valid. Add ‘Did the board vote for you?’ ‘Did the academy vote for you?’. So that it won’t be as if, it was all about votes and the artiste that did not win did not have enough votes.



One of the things that event organizers in Ghana must learn is the production of events for television. It is not by chance that some of the big events elsewhere end up on television. They plan and produce specifically for the outside audience.

Learn how to produce the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards for television, if the audience outside of the auditorium really mean something to the brand. Awards show like the Grammys, BET and the likes, all factor in that bit.

Don’t do your own thing in the auditorium and by chance you put it on television. You are killing your brand. People all over the world watch the awards show. And you don’t know who may be watching from afar. So it’s either you put on your best production for television or you just manage what you have going on in the auditorium alone.

Have a backup please, for all the technical problems and other bits. With close to two decades worth of experience, please don’t hit below the belt this year. The awards show broadcasts on DSTv and the hashtags trends worldwide. So by far you can judge how best you have sold our beloved country to the world.




What we would like to bring to the table is help drum your message to the core. We have already established the roles the academy and the board play in the winning process. So we know it is not a game of the highest votes.

5micsGh, is ready to publish every material in relation to the VGMA before, during and after the awards. We want to help make the process as transparent as possible, help get your message to the fans out there.

It is very crucial to us because, the scheme that is supposed to encourage the artists in particularly, end up killing their spirits, when it does not go well.


To every artist, awards have a gap that they fill in your CV, but the loyal fan on the street or somewhere fills the biggest gap in your career. Think about the fans and do it for the fans. Don’t let awards brand you as a loser. Win the hearts of your fans, that is forever.



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