Different strokes for different people, what worked for one artiste may not necessarily work for the next artiste. Some get lucky one way or the other whiles others have to build it from the ground, up. Just like a building, your foundation is what will ground you in this journey and make you stand the test of time.

The advent of the internet and social media have really affected lives in different ways. Apart from the fact that they have made the world a global village, they have grown to become the biggest platforms that anybody can showcase his or her talent on, to the world.

Started with the passion of getting the unknown, heard and the unseen noticed, the Ground Up movement started a revolution in talent discovery, management and promotion in Ghana.

Shining light on what they do, their contributions and their prospects in this space. 5micsGh presents to you our review of Ground Up Chale.

The Movement; GroundUp Chale


Every record label has a division that scouts and brings in new talents from time to time. The purpose is to give new acts the chance to live their dream. By signing and grooming them for a while, after which they debut the acts and kick start their musical career. For the past few years, A&R’s have had to really pay attention to the internet and social media to get a clue of the next possible act to sign. In Ghana for instance, most independent record labels find their talents in their own ways. We have no proper A&R system that any underground artiste or record label can rely on. The coming in of Ground Up Chale, started a new era of breaking artistes online in Ghana.

From the studio, the journey to the top started by engaging actively in production and also the promotion of the contents. Along the line, a new extension of a live session came up. And the Ground Up sessions was birthed.

Designed for the artiste to come face to face with the world, the Ground Up sessions allow the artiste to share with the audience his or her own record or touch on a popular record with his or her own flavors. The beauty of the session lies in the rawness of the art presented and the passion that the artistes exhibits during the session. A lot of the new guys have had their shot and a lot are yet to share their talent via the video session.

Contents that get the buzz are further picked by the house and supported with a motion picture to keep up with the promotion.


To most people, the guy that has his face to the Ground Up movement is Kwesi Arthur. From the release of his EP, to a series of his Ground Up sessions and other freestyles going viral, his progress and that of Ground Up Chale have been a steady one over the years. The movement had its first mainstream shot with Kwesi Arthur, winning the Hip Hop song of the year at this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Ground Up Chale, is most definitely here to stay and also help other acts gain grounds in the music industry. With its fans base growing day by day, the next level of this movement is unpredictable.


Word on the street is that, people have heard and watched Ground Up Chale break new artistes every now and then. What still baffles the public is what Ground Up Chale, actually is and stands for in this industry. So that all will know the terms and conditions of partnering with the movement.

On behalf of the people that we serve, what is Ground Up Chale about. Is it a talent discovery hub, a promotional channel, a record label or just as it now, a movement?

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