Comedy in Ghana is still a growing franchise, compared to other parts of Africa. The industry clearly needs help from all and sundry. A lot of brands have  contributed to the development of comedy in Ghana. From organizing the big comedy shows to the regular gigs dotted in different parts of the country. These brands and companies are all playing their part to structure and build the industry.

Aside EventsGh, one brand that is equally doing major for comedy in Ghana, is KASA Entertainment.  Organizers of Laughline Comedy show. Ghana’s, mainstream monthly comedy show, that has being running consistently for over a year now.

KASA Entertainment is really supporting the industry, and the only way we can help them to do more is by supporting what they currently have going on every month.

Reviewing comedy in Ghana, the Laughline Comedy Show brand and how best we can all contribute to support a growing industry. Enjoy this review by 5micsgh.com and let us know you think about comedy in Ghana.



Before EventsGh put out the Ghana Comedy Awards. There was no such thing in Ghana. Then they followed with a clear road map to the awards. The vision and path was clear. They were ready to first build the industry and then award the acts and stakeholders in the industry.

Some people thought the industry was ripe and it was time for them to milk it their way. Other versions of their main awards kept springing up every now and then. So they decided to hold back their vision and see what all these people will do for the industry. They did nothing and by far have done nothing. Simply because they don’t have the vision that EventsGh had. It was like signing an artiste clearing for his or her hit song, not because you have a long term vision or plan for the artiste.

One of the things that is holding back the creative arts industry in Ghana is the lack of originality and creatively. Most people feed off other people’s brand and vision to make the next move. You can copy but you can’t be more original than the originator.



The perception held by some people about comedy in Ghana is really killing the industry. If the same way we criticize them on radio, television and on the social media is the same way we appreciate them when they deliver, we would not be having this conversation. Because for the past few years they have really proven themselves and delivered.

Ghanaian comedians have learnt their lessons and taken their craft very serious. Slowly people are appreciating them for their efforts. The more we keep it real with these guys and support them, the more they will deliver.

Most people still holding on to that perception are people who have not yet, allowed themselves to be served with the best of contemporary comedy by our present comedians.

The next edition of Laughline is on March 3. Am personally inviting you. 5micsgh.com is online and on all social media platforms (@5micsgh). We will open it up for all to rate their experience with us. If the guys delivered, just let your friends know and come with them for the next edition. If they disappointed, we will refund your ticket.



Laughline has grown into one of the most patronized monthly comedy shows in Ghana. Theirs consistency is one thing we should all recognize and appreciate. Comedy is growing in Ghana, and our guys are really doing much for themselves and the industry.

Laughline is one brand that is doing well. But should we have only one? Not for competition sake, but for the sake of diversity we need more than one not only in Accra but in different parts of the country. Even if for competition sake, it will be a healthy one for the industry.

We need more weekly, monthly platforms that our comedians can perform and host audience to a good night of laughs every now and then. We can have all these gigs dotted in the capital and the country  on a regular term and then at the end of every quarter we assemble them for a major gig.

The industry is capable of handling this, and our comedians are more than ready to do more.



When something is yours, you own it fully and make sure you keep it alive, at least all the days of your life.

KASA Entertainment has taken it upon itself to keep comedy in the air every month. And the least we can do is to support it. As a comedian, you should be more than willing to get on board, and deliver. And always help to make sure the next edition is very much anticipated because of your performance.

The Laughline brand is very much opened to new acts to get on stage and show what they can do. All of us own this brand, as a comedian, blogger, industry personality and as a patron. Because when it succeeds, we will all win.



What don’t we like about laughing? We all like it, because it is good for our health. But what we don’t like is to come early to have a great time. And then pay the price for your inability to start on time.

Please start the event on time!

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