One thing that is quite uplifting about our present youthful force is the fact that, we believe anything we set our minds to can be achieved. This thought alone has helped changed the narratives about the youth in a positive way.

The youth of today believes in taking the risk for what he or she envisions, sacrificing for the dream and building his or her own brand. Nothing is a loss just lessons.

5micsGh, your number one reviewing and rating platform in Ghana, brings to light one youthful brand that has made name for itself, as the gateway to the youth market.

Enjoy our review of iSUPREMEGh, a 360 degrees creative marketing and brand communications agency connecting established and emerging brands to the youth of Ghana.



Founded in 2015, but full operations started in 2017. It took two years to get the engine of the company fully running. Which included their market research; that highlighted the gap in the market, getting the right team and their unique business approach, creative communication and brand marketing. For the time being and the projects executed, one can say the two-year period was worthwhile.

The iSupreme we have come to know is driven by a dedicated team of young and skilled individuals who are very passionate about making a difference in the field of work and producing quality results for their clients.
iSupreme as a creative agency brings under one hub diverse packages which are designed to suit the needs of their clients. The tagline, “dream it, we create it” speak volumes about the brand and suggests that whatever the needs of their clients may be they are willing and able to help them achieve it with outmost diligence.


The goal is not to build a brand, but an empire in the long run. A well diverse empire that will render an all-in-one service to the market. It is one thing planning and definitely another hustle executing what you have planned. These pillars see to the execution of the strategic plans of iSUPREMEGh.



First of the four brands is the major projects department mainly into the development of what we call ‘currency’; the content. They develop the contents that buy into the essentials of a company from brand experientials, digital communications and branding. It is very important to note that, iSupreme ‘paint’ per your colours.



The resourced wing that informs and educates the public from lifestyle, entertainment, educational, technology, fashion and sports, with a focus on topical issues which interests the youth. As a brand that wants to reach out to the youth, this platform serves as a marketing tools as well. Where brands, products and services are directly marketed to visitors of the website in order to get the brand message to the core, through interesting features, promos, paid ads and offer updates.
Quasimool.com also publishes the monthly CAPTURE360 Online Magazine.


  • SiTV

Well-crafted for the youth to discuss lifestyle issues and news on campus. SiTV capitalizes on its popularity among the youth and the large student viewership to bring brand closer to the youth and student market through regular mentions and features.



Built to capture moments that needs to live on forever. Built to tell the stories and sell concepts in pictures and videos to the client and to the targeted audience. This is the wing that covers all events and other activities as well. If you have ever seen a production by this in-house department of the iSupreme empire, you will attest to the fact that with iSupreme, they bring to live what you dream.



Online magazines have been the culture for some time now. But what is unique about this magazine by iSupremeGh is its scope of feature. The CAPTURE360 online magazine, narrows it down to a specific course per edition. In the sense that it zooms in on an issue, brings it the general public and gives it an all-round public appeal. The focus per issue cannot be mistaken for any other, in terms of its cover art designs, the whole presentation of the online magazine. Make sure you subscribe to the next edition on quasimool.com now.



With a very well defined target market and field of operation. iSUPREMEGh, as youthful brand may have some pros and cons to deal with like any other brand.

One question on the street is, brands that want to champion initiatives towards the youth can safely call on iSupreme, but can they call on iSUPREMEGh for any other market aside what they are know for?

We would like to know this, because per their portfolio, one can only assume that operating in any other market apart from the youth circles, will not be  ‘a fish out of water’ situation, until proven in works.

Don’t only be the gateway to the youth in Ghana, otherwise you will lose out on a larger market. Spread your wings and take on new challenges.



At iSupreme Ghana, building your brand and helping you to exceed your target, has always being the goal. With a track record of delivering impeccable results on every need of their client, this brand is your best bet.

To all businesses and brands, iSupreme is the bridge you must use to tap into the market particularly the youth.

Services that awaits you include the following


  • Brand activation & sales
    • Project Management
    • BTL & Events
    • Brand Management


  • Public Relations
    • Advertising
    • Publishing
    • Productions


  • Social Media Marketing
    • Content Creation
    • Website Development
    • Search Engine Optimization


  • Branding Identity
    • Rebranding
    • Brand Positioning
    • Creative Design





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