The role that music plays in our lives can never be underestimated. And same can be said of the person that dishes out the music when it is ready for public consumption.

No matter the change of trend and developments in the music industry, the work of a Dj to the success of any music promotion cannot be compromised. The Dj is that pillar in the music plug in business and we must appreciate and celebrate all of them.

Recently the Ghana Dj Awards opened public nominations for the 2018 edition of the national awards scheme. And it caught our attention to shed light on the awards in general, with much focus on its prospects and challenges, the djing profession and business in Ghana.

So here we are, ladies and gentlemen with another review powered by Ghana’s number one reviewing and rating platform and brand 5micsGh and it’s all about Ghana Dj Awards



The very first edition of the Ghana DJ Awards was conceived by Merqury Quaye, a DJ, music lover, renowned MC and radio show host. Not only did it remain an idea, with the help of Mercury Republic Events, organizers of the event and other partners and stakeholders the maiden edition of the awards took place and it was a success.

Before that, Djs in Ghana were sometimes added on to other awards and were awarded alongside. Not all of their expectations were met and some called for their own awards scheme. But if it must happen then one of their own must call the shot first. And that was the move Mercury Quaye made and the rest all got on board.

The Ghana DJ Awards solicits for nominations through their website. Entries are requested to fill all the categories presented. A jury is setup from knowledgeable entertainment and music professionals to go through the entries and select the nominees. Nominees are announced at a Launch ceremony as soon as the jury complete their work.

To all previous nominees and winners as well as the incoming ones we say a big congratulation. This art and profession needs you to do more for the culture. And the awards scheme is just one of the numerous things the industry can do for you, when we flourish together. Don’t go with the flow as a Dj, be the flow.


Like any other awards show, it has had its ups and downs, but the truth is the brand keeps growing year by year and it can only get bigger this year.



One of the reasons why this awards scheme is very important not only to Ghana but the whole of Africa, is because, it is the only national awards scheme that celebrates and appreciates the Dj. It is against this background that in our opinion; the Ghana Dj Awards must be well supported by everyone in the industry. Though it happens in Ghana, it is an exemplary path that other African countries are yet to chart to honour their Djs.

If Mercury Republic Events, owned by a prominent Dj, could take that bold step for Ghana some years back. Other African prominent and well celebrated Djs in their countries should make that move for themselves first. And then call on other stakeholders and brands to come on board and support.

It is possible but it can only start with you. The Djs and other industry bodies can come together and make the move. It is possible to have Dj awards in different parts of Africa.



This is to say a big thank you to Hitz FM and all the teams behind the brand. Making sure that every year young Djs get the chance to exhibit what they can do on the turntable. Is simply a good way of ensuring new talents are discovered. The opportunity given to them can go a long way to fuel that bit in them to keep fighting to the top of their djing career.

We need more of such competitions to help unearth more talents for the industry.



Like any other profession, djing is serious business. Depending on how you approach the art and business you will be treated the same. The rules of the game keep changing and as a professional you must always stay ahead of your game.

In the world of djing, technology is really causing a spin. Dj’s have taken advantage of the growing business and introduced new revenue streams and taken on new positions in the industry.

In Ghana you may not have some structures in place to assist you like it is in the outside world. But that does not mean it is impossible to own a record label as a dj, executive produce albums, sell out arenas, go on tours, and have numerous endorsement deals on your table. It is not impossible. You must build a strong brand, keep your craft tight, network and when you see an opportunity you take it and give it your best shot.


To all those that think djing is just downloading a software, loading the songs and playing them. Please there is a skill to it. There is a technique to it. There is more to it now than just adding ‘Dj’ to your nickname or real name and playing music on radio or at events.

Start thinking of yourself as a brand and invest in yourself. Don’t just be playing music anywhere and anyhow, get a management team to handle your brand and bookings. Yes, you will have to pay your dues first. Do what you must do along the line, but never lose sight of your ultimate vision.

Keep practicing and always step forth with your best game. One think about the work of the Dj is, when you set out to play, you play mostly for a large number of people. So if your game is not tight. Everyone will know. You can get all the hype but when duty calls and your set is boring, everyone will know. Always step out with your best catalogue.

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