As individuals, we can only talk about an issue. But collectively as an industry with a common agenda, we can have conversations that would lead to reforms and also achieve better results. Unity is key in most industries. One of the ills that has really held us back in the creative arts industry in Ghana has to do with the lack of a functioning collective body that sees to the welfare of its member and also provide an enabling environment to support the craft of each artist on board.

Word on the street is, some government mandated bodies have failed the creative arts. Which to some extent is true. On the other side of the coin, we have not failed ourselves. 5micsGh is up for everything music and culture. As a brand and a platform, 5micsGh.com has challenged the norm with diverse creative contents and the feedback from art lovers and stakeholders have been very encouraging.

One club that is contributing its quota to the development and promotion of the Arts in Ghana, is the Ghana Artists Club. With a very defined vision and mission, this club is very focused on making a difference.

The vision is to be that one platform or club noted for identifying and making the dreams of talented young creatives in Ghana materialized. As well as using the arts to make Ghana and the world a better place in diverse ways as possible.


5micsGh presents our review of the Ghana Artists Club, its mission and vision, challenges and prospects in one full piece. If you are an artist, a musician or a stakeholder in the industry, make it a point to join after reading the review.

Ghana Artists Club

Ghana Artists Club, is a palette where Artists of different disciplines interact to build a cohesive community. With the aim of painting a beautiful picture that challenges our thoughts and inspires us as a people, we can not do it without you. Irrespective of your stand in the creative arts industry, you are welcome to join this club. From the creatives to the critics, this is your home. This is your space to explore and do more for the arts. Until we stand up for the arts, sacrifice for the arts and push an agenda to support the arts. We will forever sit on this goldmine, whiles others cash in.



In one of our featured articles, we shined light on the fact that your talent alone is not enough. Read it below

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The structures must be there to help with others details that the artists must not stress himself or herself about. An artist needs all the space and creative ideas to make the art.  Only few are good at juggling the creation of art and other businesses of the art. With Ghana Artists Club fully active and running in this industry a lot of creatives will have most of their weight off their shoulder.

Already on the mission of promoting and projecting Ghanaian creative works on all of its platforms, this club is working tirelessly to support the creative community.


On the other hand, a few have lamented on some shortfalls of the club. Which include not doing much to aid its member in terms organizing events to support their projects. In a conversation with one of the founders of the clubs, he said the next phase of the club’s activities will be the organizing of regular gigs in different parts of the countries for members of the clubs to exhibit what they have created.


This club is not owned by anyone, it is for all creatives. All members must get on board actively in order to further champion the core mission of the club.

Support the club on all social media platforms. New members are warmly welcomed.

Facebook: Ghana Artists Club

Twitter: @ghanaartistsclub

Instagram: @ghanaartistsclub


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