When the business does not go well, it kills the art. And from what we have gathered you can’t mix business with the art. It is very important to make art first. And then figure out how best to handle the business of the art, because each wing demands much attention.

For a long time, artistes have had to give away their music for free downloads, with no alternative platforms to market their contents.

Launched in 2017, Aftown, an indigenous music streaming service and an online music store that looks to provide a maximum musical experience at the most affordable price to all lovers of African music, is one brand we must all support.

The core of aftown consists mainly of the artistes and the fans who willingly buy the artiste’s songs. With 5000+ subscribers only in its first few months, aftown is on its way to being the biggest online music platform in and for Africa.

The goal of aftown, is simply to bring users a premium African music focused streaming service at an affordable price, whilst allowing the artist to benefit directly from their work.

This is one brand that is in to change the industry for good. And as your number reviewing and rating brand and platform in Ghana. 5micsGh.com, brings to you our review of Aftown. Its business and contributions to the industry, how it is dealing with illegal downloads as well as how it is working towards becoming the biggest online music platform in and for Africa.

Briefly highlighted above, enjoy the full review below, and also let us know what you think about all the brands we have review so far.



The Aftown platform is designed to be accessible from anywhere in the world once you have the app or a web browser and working internet. It provides music lovers with quality African music directly to their phones or laptops at any time or place.

By signing up to the service, any African artiste gets to put their work on the platform directly where it will always exist, giving fans access to their music all the time, and ensuring that the artiste earns revenue each and every time their work is accessed on the platform. With Aftown the artist comes first, whilst providing customer-focused easy access to music from all over the African continent.

In achieving the core vision of being the Number 1 streaming and sales portal for African Music, aftown has signed Award-winning artistes unto the online music platform to directly connect you to the music and artistes you so love.

Aftown sponsors and promote numerous events for artistes from time to time. Most signed artistes to the music platform, have had their own concerts come through without a glitch with the help of Aftown.

Aftown is creating an avenue for musicians to make their rightful earnings from their works. And also promote their brands through promotions and sponsored concerts.



Aftown was introduced in May 2017 as an online platform designed for African musicians to sell their music. A user-friendly music platform. New visitors get to open an account, top up credit and purchase songs from their favourite African artistes.

Aftown is in most African countries. The platform is tailored to meet payment methods used on the local market like mobile money transfer, and has made provisions for international buyers who would use PayPal, a debit card or MasterCard. This is the beauty of Aftown, put together just for the African artiste and the fans. In Ghana for instance, more Ghanaians have mobile money accounts than bank accounts. Hence channeling the payments through that medium will be very convenient for both the artiste and the fan.

In order to save most of ourselves the stress of getting internationally recognized card to make payments for the African music we love.  a payment method used on our local market is our best bet.



Africa needs this. Africa needs its own hub of great contents. And that is what aftown has put together for Africa, in Africa and for the world. This is not aftown against other platforms. This is just aftown for Africa telling our own story. The focus is different and well narrowed down to African music.

It is only through aftown that you truly experience the true sounds and vibration of the African rhythm. Experience the contemporaries and the classics of the present and past generations only on aftown.

To all lovers of African music, this is home. Our own music hub with no interference from the outside world. Strictly African music and that is the beauty of the gateway to African music, aftown.

Wherever you are in the world, whenever you want to enjoy some African vibes, connect with the one true hotspot for all African contents. Log on to aftown.com and tell us about your experience



Culture they say is a way of life. And one of the characteristics of culture is, it is dynamic. Irrespective of how deeply rooted you are in one culture, with time it can change and you must adjust to the new one.

Because of the unavailability of some structures in our industry. Issues of piracy and copyright have all become norm over time. And has made contents freely available to people instead of them paying to the rightful owners for the contents. This attitude and culture by far has killed the creative industry in Ghana. Because monies invested are not made and it frustrates and hinders financing of the next project.

When we pay for contents that we like, we are simply saying, thank you and please make more of such contents. When we deny them their monetary return through piracy and copyright infringements, we deny ourselves of the next great content that can be made for us.

All over the world issues of copyright and piracy are being dealt with, but the magnitude is what depicts the state that we are in now.

It is not too late, we can all start by paying for music on aftown. Specially designed for the African market, aftown is one brand that is here to make sure content owners get their monies.



Billboard.com saw an opportunity and decided to count sales. And now it has that authority in that space. Data is very important in every business. One of the reasons why we need to sign up on aftown before anything is because you need that data for various reasons.

As our indigenous online store and streaming service operating in Africa for Africa, can we count on you for the true digital performances of African music?

Can we use your charts to mark our digital performance at least in Africa? I took time out to check out the whole platform. And the charts section of the news.aftown.com was not well programmed. Mzvee’s Daavi, run through all the top 10 selling.

Why should a startup with a clear vision entertain such an error?

Ghana and the whole of Africa will be very happy if you can better your services and truly reflect the digital performances of these songs. Have the accurate week by week performance and many more to show how we are progressing as a continent.

Give us statistics we can work with; one young unsigned artiste can get his next record deal worldwide through your platform.

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