With a focus on awarding the outstanding music and personalities, 3Music Awards would be an annual awards ceremony dedicated to celebrating achievements in Hip life/Hip-hop, Highlife, Afrobeats, Reggae/Dancehall, Gospel, Best use of social media and the best talent fanship in Ghana.

As described in their own words above, ladies and gentlemen help us welcome our newest awards scheme in Ghana, 3Music Awards.


With nominations out already and all expectant of winning on the night. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring to you a review of 3Music Awards, scheduled to take place later this year in March.

A spin off a big brand, and specifically here for the music. Every awards show has its own ups and down. Its own drama, but in the case of 3Music awards, they are yet to tell their own story. With no previous script of their own to compare the upcoming to, we can only hold it up high fully, after it has touched base properly after the maiden edition.


With that being said, enjoy our review of the brand, 3Music Awards. Five different points to consider, brought to you by Ghana’s number reviewing and rating platform, 5micsGh.



For some time now, the campaign to get more Ghanaian contents on the airwaves has gone down. Not only was last year a great year for Ghana music, it was a year of the newest talents and energy. That was refreshing to hear and watching them do their own thing shot everything up a notch. From that angle, the industry had more than enough good music to pick from and artists to put on.

It wasn’t really an outside problem. In as much as our artistes want to cross over and dominate other markets, it will be the same in your market. But when you make a conscious effort to make good music, you will secure your homeland easily. For sure we will make room for others but you will win, because home support is a major key.

Make music and stop complaining, to all artists and managers. Make a conscious effort and the necessary investments to promote your songs, it is not magic, it is art. Make a move and get in contact with some brands and they will support.

Many companies and brands have the creative industry at heart to support. One of them is 3Music. And the good news is, it is here for the music. So make the music and 3Music will get it and put it on for all. That is the support they have pledged. Here for the Music


Variety they say is the spice of life. Another academy board, another set of listening ears and viewing lens to make a statement in the music industry. Another window into the music industry, that we can all peep and share in their vision. For a long time, we have had to run with one point of view.

3Music awards is a fresh breather, one to take the weight off another suffering brand trying to make a statement in the Ghanaian music industry.

In this ‘David’ and ‘Goliath’ fight, the people are fed up with the back to back disappointment and below the belt performances by ‘Goliath’. Instead of getting better over the years due to experience, they rather fail us. And all, including musicians, industry personalities, have thrown their support behind baby ‘David’ whose maiden fight is coming up soon.

Let’s spice up our music industry. Just as we have supported all awards show to reach a certain level. Let’s do it for this baby brand.



One of the events that in one way or the others influences the release of projects from various music labels and music firms are award shows. Some pay close attention to their release dates just to fall in with the calendar year of these awards show.

Awards show have its bit that it contributes to the careers of the nominated and artists that win. Though it’s still something that musicians and all have to deal with, one prominent music figure once said ‘it is an opportunity to be called a loser’. Just because you did not win an award, even after a successful year of great album sales, sold out tours and all.

Since 3Music awards is here for the music, it is equally here for the music industry in general. Because at the end of the day. It is Ghana music that we are awarding, it is our musicians and industry personalities that we are projecting. And above all, it is the positive brand and image of our fast developing music industry and Ghana as a whole that we are selling.  And as a nation, we must support and make sure it is a success.



3Music’s programming block on TV3 consist of varied music, news, lifestyle and entertainment shows that has since become the new media authority on music, urban culture & lifestyle fueling the aspirations of its massive millennial audience. 3Music airs one hour everyday Mondays – Saturdays on TV3.


Most awards show in Ghana are mostly plagues only, with the exception one, that has some monetary and other motivational bits to the scheme aside the plagues.

3Music awards has clearly stated its mission, but we want to help them to be different, and not be like any other awards show.

Every now and then the rules of the game change. It will not be a bad idea should awards scheme in Ghana add some monetary bit to the plague as a way of supporting the acts in particular and the industry in general. As against the public’s opinion that, most awards show milk the industry and the fans of the musician.

These artists need music for the next song, next album, next videos to put out first, before any nominations and winning. So if at the end of the run, they end up winning an award on any platform. In our opinion, it is right for the same platform to spark the next cycle of projects by supporting financially.


To 3Music awards, it is not too last, or we should give you a year or two to figure it out properly before we can expect something else from your brand?

Or Ghanaian should just run with the plagues and be grateful for the recognition, nomination and the winning?


Don’t just be here for the music, be different

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