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A MUST LISTEN!!! Ancestral Poet – Awensɛm : Kɛtɛasehyɛ (CORRUPTION)

Let the arts play its role by getting the hearts and attention of the people. And then allow the Poet (messenger), to weave his message alongside to get to the core of the people.

One poet with a voice, one poet with a message. Ghana’s most celebrated poet, Ancestral Poet, is out on this social ill, that is slowly becoming a norm, ‘Kɛtɛasehyɛ’ which means ‘Corruption’ in the Akan language.

Awensɛm : Kɛtɛasehyɛ (CORRUPTION) by Ancestral Poet, premiered exclusively on Radio last week Saturday. And exactly a week, it’s live for the everyone to enjoy.

Download, this masterpiece on Kɛtɛasehyɛ (CORRUPTION) and make sure you don’t sleep on the message. Pass it on till this gospel is widespread.

Enjoy it below

Ancestral Poet – Awensɛm : Kɛtɛasehyɛ (CORRUPTION) [Download]

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