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5micsGh – The System and Column to Revive the Film Industry

When you take a fraction of something that is real. You owe it to the people that you wish to get the message to the best representation of their story.

Movies do that bit for us every now and then. As stakeholders and industry players, at the end of the day, we need to hear from the people that we told their stories and how best the presentation went down with them.

Movies reviews still holds weight in some parts of the world. It goes a go long to affects its sequels, tickets, sales and many more. Unfortunately, is not the same in our part of the world.

Our one-time vibrant movie industry is now not as well positioned as it should be, but there is hope for the future.

This part of our community is here to contribute its bit to reviving our industry. Let’s write more about the industry, criticize, celebrate all parties and movies to have the best flying in order to revive the industry. We cannot build on mediocre.

This is the community for everything movies, from auditions, casting, behind the scenes to the premieres. And to all that goes on in the movie circles in Ghana.

We research and present the good, not so good, review, rate, celebrate and criticize contents for the love of the growth, breaking monotony and helping all of us to value the various creative perspectives that needs to be appreciated in our creative industry.


This is the first of its kind in our part of the world. And we can only build and better position it together as a creative community. Support and be a part of it now

Facebook: 5micsGh

Twitter: @5micsgh

Instagram: @5micsgh

Website: 5micsgh.com

Contact: 0271857544/0242659895


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