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5micsGh – Rate Your Experience


The world is a stage, you get on to perform and when your set is over you exit the platform as quietly or as loudly as you came. What you do for yourself and to yourself you can only take it along with you. But what you ‘gift’ the world in one way or the other, lives on to inspire a whole generation afterwards.

From a general perspective, most creative people owe it to the world they live in to make it better or worst with their works. Your works may not resonate with the right person today nor tomorrow. But certainly your talent will connect a dot for someone sometime in the future.


When you get in your studio or zone to create or make something epic. You own it till the day you release it. Afterwards you lose it to your fans and the world at large.  As a brand and platform, friends, fans and supporters on the other hand we get to share our opinions, comments on your masterpiece and how best it has influenced our culture.

5micsGh as your number one reviewing and rating platform, we are a fan of anything and everything creative. It is our goal to see every creative person reaching new heights and bringing something new to the table all the time. Our contribution to your growth will be to review your works, try to get into your mind and see it through your own eyes, reveal and present the different layers of thoughts that are embedded in your works, that you may or may not have thought about it. And together with your fans we will rate our experience.


This is the beauty of the arts in general and 5micsGh in particular and the community of creative people that we are bringing to the table.


We have slept on so many works and talents because there seems to be only one way of appreciating or celebrating them. We are here to open your minds to the other details that needs to be appreciated.

Be a part of our community as a fan or writer now.

Facebook: 5micsGh

Twitter: @5micsgh

Instagram: @5micsgh

Website: 5micsgh.com

Contact: 0271857544/0242659895

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