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5micsGh Presents ‘Tweets Off The Mic’ (Twitter Chat) SNZ I

What’s a success story if it not shared to inspire the next generation. Building a brand as an artist goes beyond just the music. The world wants to appreciate your hustle and process. And most importantly the fans want to be part of your journey.

In a special twitter chat series dubbed ‘Tweets Off The Mic’, 5micsGh will get your favourite artists off the mic to share their journey with you. In the next couple of weeks, we will be bringing the conversation to your doorstep on twitter with the hashtag #TweetsOffTheMic every Thursday at 7pm.

Make a date and be a part of ‘Tweets Off The Mic’ this season. Themed the ‘Unsigned Hype Edition’ the project seeks to shine light on some great talents on the rise, whose art deserves maximum exposure and appreciation.

Follow 5micsGh on all platforms (@5micsGh) especially on twitter as we delve into the life and journey of emerging talents in one hundred and forty characters per tweet.

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