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5micsGh Presents ‘READING RHYMES’ On 5micsGh Dot Com

Henceforth when you log on to 5micsGh Dot Com, in addition to Mic Status on the Browse tab, which we put together specifically to profile and have artistes update their status in the music game, search for the newest addition READING RHYMES as well. READING RHYMES, a 5micsGh initiative to …

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As individuals, we can only talk about an issue. But collectively as an industry with a common agenda, we can have conversations that would lead to reforms and also achieve better results. Unity is key in most industries. One of the ills that has really held us back in the …

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  Culture holds the spirit of the people. Culture clears the path for all to follow, shines light on what needs to be done and must be done. Nothing influences culture more than the arts. And nothing holds the art more than commerce. The issue of culture and commerce is …

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When you sign up to be an artiste or any public figure, you automatically sign up to be a brand. Every brand is unique. You can’t mistaken the details of one brand for another. In as much as we want value for our money. We will always associate with the …

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5micsGh – An Extra Mile For The Arts

    Under our watch, nothing creative goes unnoticed. One way or the other it will land on Ghana’s number one reviewing and rating platform, 5micsGh. In order to widen our scope and bring other forms of art to the limelight, brace yourself for this extra category for the love …

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5micsGh – Rate Your Experience

  The world is a stage, you get on to perform and when your set is over you exit the platform as quietly or as loudly as you came. What you do for yourself and to yourself you can only take it along with you. But what you ‘gift’ the …

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