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5micsGh Presents MIC STATUS: An Artiste Profiling Feature



In this creative space of ours, we all have our stories to tell. And until you tell your story in your own tone and project yourself as the hero. You will always be the villain, because no one will make you the hero in his or her story.

The shot to stardom or fame is not scripted. The rules are not rigid; they change by the day. Every step is an opportunity to rewrite or bend the rules. Don’t undermine any move you make, what worked out for one artiste may not necessarily favour another artiste.

To some, it is a long walk to freedom. To others it just the luck of the draw. No matter how it works out for you. It is very important to have it well documented.

We have heard your songs, and probably watched some videos. Now we want to read about you. We want to keep an eye on you and stay updated as you progress along in your music career. The magic that snapchat did for Dj Khalid was, it just connected him to his fans on a more personal level. The songs and music videos were out there, but that window into his life via snapchat did the magic.

For the A&R, record label or management company executive, industry player or the fans that need a window into your career, this feature is that solid point of entry.

This is the feature that documents the past, the present and the future. An all in one feature that sums it all up for all to have a clear picture of you and the kind of music you make.

If your game is solely on the mic, it doesn’t matter if your sing, vibe, rap,or even behind the mic as a producer or any other stakeholder in the process and more this is the time to profile your game and update your status.

The story is yours, 5micsGh.com is just the platform and the channel to get you officially profiled and hosted for all. Submit your feature or story to 5micsgh100@gmail.com or contact 0271857544 for more information.

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